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Four Top Tips!

Posted 10/1/2022

I thought I'd share four of my top tips with you today, I've shared these over on my social media pages over the past few weeks and they've been well received, but it's nice to keep them in one place here on my website too!

1. Keep it simple

Make sure you keep your designs simple. You want to make sure your message or call to action is clear and can be read easily. Adding too much into the design can over complicate or overcrowd your message.


2. Stay organised

Being organised is key. Whether it’s planning your advertising, planning your social media content, or getting work done for your customers, it all comes back to being organised, checking deadlines with customers and suppliers, then prioritising the most important things and grabbing time to implement everything else whenever you can!


3. Save time with templates

Using templates can help save you time without sacrificing the design and appearance of your social media posts. I offer bespoke templates exactly for this reason - stay on brand with pre-made templates for your posts.

4. Choose a colour palette 
I’ve mentioned colour palettes before, but choosing a set of colours is so important when you’re creating a brand.
These colours are either included in, or complement, your logo. They should work harmoniously and be used for any design work to ensure all marketing materials are kept ‘on brand’.
You don’t have to stick to the same palette forever, but it’s a good idea to use the same palette for a period of time before moving onto another. If you fancy a change, you could also swap out a secondary colour that still complements the main colour, rather than changing everything completely (unless you’re going for a full rebrand!)

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